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The STYLEX new products catalogue 2020/2021 is available now!

It is our pleasure to introduce the 2020/2021 STYLEX product line. Our team has once again worked tirelessly in putting together a combination of the familiar classics as well as the newest trends in the genres Crafting, Creative, and School.

Some of the true classics that are necessary for a proper office filing system include our colourful 3-fold folder with elastic strap, our index card travel case, and our rapid-action stapler.

Our product lines Creative and Crafting include acrylic pens in both pastel and standard colours that can be used for decorating on stone, glass, and other hard surfaces.

Our magnetic display board set will let your creative streak run free.  The set includes magnets, acrylic paint and brushes, everything you need to get a start on your next project.

As our customers know, each year we supplement our classic offerings with the latest trends.  This year, the hot items for young girls involve the “Bunny” theme.  Strong colour variations and playful elements give our etui box and its contents “girl power”, in addition to being cute.

Boys will enjoy our NINJA collection.  Plain basic colours and slick, bright accents will turn every desk into an action figure landscape and add colour and excitement to the day.

Once more we are proud to showcase our established and new products with the same levels of reliability and quality as always.

We are pleased to offer our 2020/2021 collection with our new  STYLEX online flipping book