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About us

Connecting traditions and innovations!

The STYLEX® success story began in 1966 with the distribution of promotional products to the German and European markets. Since then, our product line has expanded into a wide assortment of more than 1,000 items. The driving force behind STYLEX® is to continue to successfully position our products in constantly evolving markets.


Our products reflect our company motto

Colour is Life!

Our company motto is the basis of our business philosophy. The STYLEX® world is colourful and multi-faceted, with high-quality products at low prices for everyone. Our goal is to reignite the creative spirit in a happy and fun way and to make the world a little bit more colourful in an environmentally friendly manner.

Team Spirit and Loyalty

“WE” includes not only the STYLEX® team but also the people who use and create with our products. Together we can achieve a more colourful life and a world of ideas.